Entry #47

Post-Op TMI

2017-06-29 21:33:37 by Zoeseph

"No sex for two weeks after surgery."

Then when I wake up they say "no sex for SIX weeks after surgery.

Doc you do understand -why- I had this done, right? Whatever.

They also didn't say if that included rubbin one out. So I'm a little tense. Very tempted to just say "fuck it" and go fuck myself, potential hernia be damned. 


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2017-07-19 18:12:19

Hope your lower guts are doing ok, glad the surgery went well, it was a hernia operation? Guess they were concerned that, once aroused, your uterus might flex towards the area that got cut up... so, it's super lame, but even clit play could stress the work they did. I guess being told 'not to' has a certain bent appeal lol


2017-08-24 01:54:49

Uh wait, is this a shared account now? Name change and sporadic posts *shakes head, hope whoever had the op is ok, last time I went under, didn't go so well lol