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Post-Op TMI

2017-06-29 21:33:37 by Zoeseph

"No sex for two weeks after surgery."

Then when I wake up they say "no sex for SIX weeks after surgery.

Doc you do understand -why- I had this done, right? Whatever.

They also didn't say if that included rubbin one out. So I'm a little tense. Very tempted to just say "fuck it" and go fuck myself, potential hernia be damned. 

Reference and more Warhammer

2017-06-03 21:19:08 by Zoeseph

I've been working on warhammer stuff this last week in preparation for the Armies on Parade event which is allll the way out in October, but I'm a vengeful cunt who has a vendetta with the shopkeeper of the store I participated in last year. He probably thinks he's hot shit since he plays the same army, or so says my boyfriend. A good theory. In any case, my memories of last year's interactions have lit a fire under my butt. I'll post either a WIP or a completed photo soon. 

Also! I have some of those posable artist figurines in the mail and they should be here hopefully soon...you can never have too much reference and all that. They should save some time looking all through the internet for the perfect reference image.

On a side note for personal matters, we found a cute little one winged bee and decided to love him for as long as we can. Bought some bee food and all that, he's cute as a button. Also I'll be getting my tubes tied on the 22nd! YAY! Being childless for life will leave me way more time to draw and paint. I'm super hyped. 

Work week

2017-05-23 05:01:57 by Zoeseph

Got figure modeling all week. Means I spend most of the day on the bus and sitting still while people opt to draw the other naked lady because she's got bigger tits than I do. There's a comic to be drawn about all this... in due time.


2017-05-18 20:28:49 by Zoeseph

Today I'm painting tyranids for my dear sweet boyfriend. Here's what a couple of the finished ones look like, so that y'all know I'm not messin'. Probably going to finish one or two before getting back to the drawing fold. Love you guys!  



2017-05-08 04:47:45 by Zoeseph

I did the thing! Please support me if you like my stuff so that I can tell my family that I draw pussy and dick for a living and not just for shits and giggles. Because that's the dream. 


burfmas dicks (but probably not)

2017-05-03 05:20:35 by Zoeseph

Going to draw some penises for my birthday because I feel like giving myself a lil treat. Not that I -don't- enjoy drawing tiddies and all...

Anyways I probably won't post it here unless people respond to this post saying that yes, they would enjoy viewing some watercolor dick. 


2017-05-01 03:49:50 by Zoeseph

I picked up a bad habit. I know it's because of giving up sugar. I go through at least 2 packs a day, sometimes more if i'm really working hard or focusing in PvP. 


Thank goodness Costco sells peppermint gum.

...but the ass was fat.

2016-05-31 06:05:21 by Zoeseph

It looks like a completely weaboo scrublord painted this thing. So at a later date after more experience with this I'm going to remake Sailor Moon because Serena deserves better than this. I'm continuing work on trying to figure out how to make the clothes and such because I'm experimenting and learning a lot with this project, even if the end result won't turn out so great. It has prompted lots of fun discussions in the kitchen like "Oh it has a butthole today. Did it have a butthole yesterday? I missed it." 

There's this weird mix of "I'm proud of this for a first time" and "jesus I spent like a week on this and it looks like total crap" so I'm going to work on a different one, hah. 

I can hear Geoff saying "10,000 hours and all that" Please pardon the total lack of graphic designing that went into the presentation of this attempted-hot-glue-presentation.


A wip

2016-05-26 06:47:57 by Zoeseph

Ever since the epoxy putty and silicone came in I've been working on this almost nonstop. It isn't coming out like I'd hoped, but for the first time I'm able to put that aside so the thing can be finished. Maybe seeing a shrink for a little bit did some good in that regard. 

To get to this point: -sculpt head + torso + pelvis, right and left legs, hands, feet and arms out of green foam

- coat green foam in epoxy and clear nail polish(to try to fill in the bubbles that the epoxy left. Probably could have kept spraying layers on and it would have completely smoothed out eventually...

-make a cardboard grid for each of the individual pieces so that silicone mold could be poured in

-cut the silicone mold and thankfully removed all of the original carving intact

- cast the bits in epoxy

-add wire into the ankles, wrists, shoulders and forearms and get it to stand on its own

-add epoxy into these gaps to fill out the ass nicely and everything else to help it stand a little easier

-cutting with an exacto knife, lots of sanding and using various bores with a dremel, then brushing off the dust with a coarse haired brush

-add new epoxy and render out the nipples and cunt with a toothpick. added a butthole when boyfriend asked where the butthole was even though you probably wouldn't see it like the way i rendered it from that angle but whatever

It still needs paint, facial features and clothing. I got a kind of sculpey that's stretchy after hardening so I can make them removable. That will be fun. I'm trying to find a way to expedite this process, but it seems that the epoxy doesn't take to the foam itself. Maybe the green foam will take to resin?

Full set of photos due soon, each day is another 5 hours on this at least and it's been a week or so. I may have lost my boner for drawing for a time, but goddamn sculpting is fun.4448753_146425962151_sailorwip.png

Fuuuuuck (Fallout 4)

2016-05-23 02:23:03 by Zoeseph

I can't find any r34 of Travis Miles for the life of me and it's driving me nuts. I can't get off to my own drawings! It just seems weird to me, and I kindof admire people who can. 

He's pretty bad before Confidence Man, but for some reason that just really does it for me. After the quest it really just made it worse... Everything on the fallout threads of /y/ have McCreedy, Hancock, Nick and even Paladin Danse even though he's brotherhood.  

On another note, making some r34 of Curie when you first meet her would be funny.