2014-04-10 03:30:36 by Zoeseph

Working on work stuff, and private stuff. Not so sure about posting my SUPER gay artwork because of offending fans. That's bad times right there. So I might post some cunt studies sometime since they're hella weird to draw...all wiggly and 

If you ARE interested in seeing my supergay artwork then I'll be making another branch off of my tumblr for it so people don't get peas in their mashed potatoes when mashed potatoes is all they want. 'Cause I know how it's like. I look for good piss porn and then puke and shit porn comes up and it just KILLS my ladyboner. Just kills it. Just like that. And that's the last thing I want to do. Kill boners...

ANYWAYS. Onward. Oh, change your passwords and shit, too. "Heartbleed" and all that bullshit. Ugh.


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2014-04-11 15:20:18

Well, if you have fringe work elsewhere, why not just post here, but not in the Art Portal? Just upload to your personal page... this way, only your fans will see it, and be able to comment and rate (but not vote).

Or, you could just make a non-weekend newspost with the link to any new uploaded work.

Hmm, heartbleed, forgot to mention it to Tom... and yeah, I imagine vaggalzes are hard to many varieties!


2014-05-16 00:03:26

It's been a while, how's my commission coming along? How are you coming along?