2013-08-28 01:56:56 by Zoeseph

Yes? No? I'm going to guess no. If you want to see it, say something, elsewise it's marked as one of those "probably not gonna resonate well with the fans" subjects *no pun intended*.


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2013-08-28 02:57:36

What? Holy Balls!!!
Talk about niche fetishes! Had no idea! Only thing I think comes close, is humming on certain parts of the private parts... used to be called a hummer O_o haven't even seen (heard) it in porn, in quite a while...

Zoeseph responds:

I've seen a couple images on HF of sounding, usually just futa with the girl...dude with boobs? Meh. The person involved stickin' something down their urethra. Was wondering if others liked this, found it hot, wanted to see it... 'Cause the only reactions I've seen of sounding are "Oh, oh dear god no, why would you do that" and such.


2013-08-28 04:39:27

Like the old saying goes, send it up the flagpole (pun?) and see who salutes!

Still, I'd be worried about this crowd trying it :)


2013-08-28 04:42:30

Would've responded sooner, but I was contemplating what kinda dirty stuff I could get away with... with a paid companion :\ The whole notion is kinda scary, but then again, so is casual sex with someone you just met.


2013-08-31 06:24:47

heh, forget I saids dat. couldn't go through with it in nevada, despite the curiosity.