Saving Paint

2013-08-05 20:50:20 by Zoeseph

Yay I can (kindof) do digital art now! Except for the severe lack of practice. Thus far line art is the scourge of my existence. Really excited to try animation, though. I don't anticipate making anything with sound just yet, probably just some sticky and sketchy .gifs.
Aside from that, figure modeling is coming up. This is totally not-about-my-art-to-do-list related, but It's something. Going to try to firm up and get those lady abs before my first session, which is in like two weeks.
And commissions are open. Yay! So send me a PM if you're interested and we'll go from there! :D


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2013-08-05 22:29:15

Don't forget to mow down the forest, if ya know what I mean.

Zoeseph responds:

No worries, that's been a routine for a good long time. ^^


2013-08-06 10:09:16

You're using a mouse, right? Scan your line art, learn how to get a smooth transparency, then color and fine line digitally. Once you get used to getting clean lines into the computer, and know how to use layers, all should be good.

Ooo, lady abs :) Wait, you're going to be a live model for someone to draw?

Zoeseph responds:

Actually I recently got a Surface Pro (t'was a gift from my parents) so I can draw directly on the screen. I've been looking at demos on youtube and such trying to see how other people do it, but I'm guessing it's probably just a matter of messing about with it. It's not like the VERY first time I've tried digital stuff, but it's just an obnoxious learning curve. The current piece I'm working on could've been done days ago if I'd used watercolor!

And yes! One of those peoples who sits around naked for other artists to draw, or in this case paint. It's really exciting :D Maybe that's just my inner exhibitionist talking though, heh.