Hetero stuff

2013-06-30 00:43:49 by Zoeseph

So hay. I'm currently sketching some tentacle porn with my bug girl OCs in a very stylized hentai...style. Trying to do something dynamic that feels natural to me. It'll still be painted all lovely :3
For those of you who read this and are of the straight variety (since I know I'm probably one of three who likes the urophilia stuff) I hope you like the straight stuff that I post! Feel free to suggest things too. I won't to emetophilia or scat. Anything else, though, I will consider! ^^
I'll never judge you guys for your tastes.


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2013-06-30 23:11:01

I've never heard of a vomit fetish before, must be from the alcoholic part of our society.

Don't hold me to it, but after thinking long and ... well, how about a nude lady fiendishly wrestling a guy, maybe in a half-nelson or something. It'd give you a chance to put your anatomy skills to the test, I'm sure.

Zoeseph responds:

Oh geeze...I'll give it a shot! XD Trying to do dynamic stylized anatomy is fun even if it contrasts the classical schooling that I receive at Gage.
Being emetophobic to an extreme degree...it sucks to browse for fetish things and find that content laying about. Absolutely kills the moment, ya know?