wAt is nudity

2013-06-21 22:37:48 by Zoeseph

wtf is the difference between "moderate" and "explicit" nudity? Is moderate like a low cut shirt and explicit is nipples, or moderate is nipples and explicit is the epidermis of the boobs? Like...I don't get that XD It's funny to think about. Usually it's just "butts or no butts" not like..."some buttcrack" and "a little more buttcrack". Any thoughts?


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2013-06-21 23:59:28

Simple answer is: production value and/or perceived intent of the subject. But I'm guessing you're asking for more than what an art Mod would say...

I was responsible for maintaining an arcade, mini-golf course, kitchens, etc, when my boss brought his wife and a 'friend' to the place. We were closed and there was only one or two kid managers around. He told them to steer clear of the golf course. While doing my rounds, his wife skittered out of the bathroom, to the golf course, naked as a blue jay. I told him (and her) later on, that while I saw her with her clothes off, I didn't see her naked.

Zoeseph responds:

Ooh. That makes a lot of sense...Far as I think about the Mods, they'd just be glad that nudity is marked at all.


2013-06-22 00:04:06

Oh, my old boss was photographing them in the golf course, which I kept as neat and pretty as possible. He also shot a porno or two in the arcade itself, which I thankfully wasn't present for.
I had the opportunity to shoot porn in the early 90's, but I was without a GF at the time, and it seemed a bit of an uncomfortable profession. In hindsight (lol) I should've taken the job :\

Zoeseph responds:

Oh man! That would give you some interesting stories :D


2013-06-22 00:12:59

I think porn filmed in the wild has a better chance of being more legit, than under a roof in some weird part of town, though the place I would've applied to, was in a well-to-do town's warehouse district... quite hush-hush.

But isn't it just prostitution, only with cameras on and releases signed?

Zoeseph responds:

Hm...I guess it could be considered that. Home made stuff is better in my opinion anyways, I'm a romantic like that. :3


2013-06-22 00:59:59

Full moon tonight... While waiting for an Italian sub lil while ago, the manager and a few others were hanging outside the upscale strip mall a block up from my (farm) house. A woman there had lived in Sicily, Rome and Cuba. In Rome, it wasn't uncommon to see 13-14 y/o kids dressed like slutty adults, cruising for sexual adventures :\ I guess the old world thinking was (is), that sex wasn't spoken of, and never to be done under your parent's roof.

Zoeseph responds:

In most cases it's kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" thinking. They know it happens, you know they know it happens, but so long as nobody sees anything or gets knocked up then all is well.


2013-06-24 22:39:50

Newgrounds' ratings really isn't as clear cut as it used to be, but judging from my 6 odd years here, If there are penises and vaginae involved, It'd be best to mark as explicit. Consider 'moderate' to be like artistic nudity that blocks out the genitalia but may have anything from lewd clothing to bare boobs and butts.

Zoeseph responds:

Right, that's what I figured as well. It's just funny to contemplate.