Back! Kinda.

2013-05-05 15:59:51 by Zoeseph

Soooooo I've been dead. ._. Kinda sorta only figuratively in the online-art-submission sense. But there's reasons!
First up, I had a self-portrait competition at Gage and won third place. $250 for tuition, woo! But...I'm not terribly proud of the piece because I know I can do better. So I'll pull something BETTER out of my butt and then post it if I give a damn.
Second...well, life happens. One of my best friends from GW2 is pretty ill and it doesn't seem like he'll be 'round for much longer. Yay crippling depression that it's caused! I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with him. He's kind of like the best ever and the world won't be the same without him...
Third! I got an internship doing art for an RPG book! And went on vacation to visit family! At the same time! Haha, fantastic. So while on the road trip along the east coast I was sketching my heart out and sending the pictures to my boss so I had something to work off of soon as I returned home. I won't post the environments until they're finished, but yeah. Exciting stuff, getting published at 20.
Shortly you'll have some fantasy landscapes you can stick your eyes at if you want to, and I'll post some celebratory porn for 33 fans, too! I'll post some regular stuff, too.
Love you guys, you make my existence. Thanks so much for being here and being with me<3


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2013-05-05 17:59:52

Wow, thanks for the wonderfully detailed sketches!
What a roller-coaster ride of events you've been through. Very sorry to hear about your friend's mortal condition... just glad you have your fiance for support through these turbulent times.
Your other fans might hate me for saying so, but just concentrate on life and the paid work!
Last weekend was Pico Day in North Philly, PA... shame you couldn't drop by! So many talented artists and crazy people there (including me)!

Zoeseph responds:

Thank you! That sounds wonderful, but there're sooo much going on in Seattle all year that I hardly know what to do, art wise. :D


2013-05-07 06:33:56

What a mesh of good and bad, sad to hear about the dear friend pending a near end, but good luck with everything else! Getting published must really be something.

Zoeseph responds:

It's terrifying! XD