Maybe Not...

2013-01-22 00:14:45 by Zoeseph

So...nix on the aforementioned urophilic things I was planning on posting. I'll just paint those for my fiance.
But I'm like...really busy working on a self portrait of all things. If I win the contest at school then I get more tuition money and that's something that I'm like really hurting for right now, hence the desperation regarding commissions.
And you know...addiction to food and shelter. I need to help pay the bills...Just 'cause I'm a housewife doesn't mean I don't want to contribute!
But I digress.
Will be posting things that I like, that Paul has asked me to do (these will be labeled. I don't...really -like- doing some of the things I am paid to draw but that does not mean that I won't spend a shit ton of time and effort making it as good as I can.) I might even post some tutorials and notes from class to help aspiring artists. Anything can help when you're just starting out, and even when you've mastered something you can still learn new things about it...
So, yeah. Pin-ups and hentai and some erotic drawings.

All watercolour
All the time.

Peace, dudes. Be back in a little bit.


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2013-01-22 05:45:20

Wouldn't worry about the tutorials, unless you think you could get ad-bucks on YouTube from them. That's not to say you don't have something useful worth teaching, just hoping you get enough of a head start!

Zoeseph responds:

I'm still waiting for some kind of online response. I'm not new to the whole commissioning process, I'm just new to it being online. I hadn't thought about the whole youtube thing...Thank you for the idea!


2013-02-07 05:36:19

How goes the fight against finances? You have ad-rev here turned on, right?
Really glad your work's been getting such high scores!

Zoeseph responds:

Ah, finances are still pretty hopeless. But I appreciate your concern! c: