I'm not dead yet!

2013-01-18 22:53:31 by Zoeseph

Hokai. So. Class at Gage has started back up, so I'm going to be busy hopefully getting better at art. But! Thought I'd post something here.
After drawing Fernando and posting that piece you guys should expect more hentai (for Paul) and looots of watersports/piss/urophilia thingies. I don't do scat porn or emetophilia though. Kind of surprised at how little watersports there is on here, actually.
Annnd that's about it! I'm also working on some pin-up thingies of elemental chicks, cause I wanted to draw vulva of a few different and unnatural colours.
Yaay, funny coloured vulva!
Sooo...that's about it. No guarantees on when anything will be up (but if you commission me then I'll give you an ETA, so there's that)
So...yeahp. That's about it! Hope you guys enjoy what you see when you see it!


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2013-01-19 01:13:08

Yaaaaay, hentai. Not that I look at it or anything.

Zoeseph responds:

I do non-hentai stuff, too. But hentai is way fun to draw~