Commissions Open!

2013-01-12 16:21:37 by Zoeseph

There's a guide on my deviantart page and there you can find a (hopefully comprehensive) guide on commissioning me to draw anything.
Anything, I tell you!
I'm working on a few right now, but when you do commission me I'll give you an ETA of when thins will be ready. I'll try to post them here as soon as possible and send you a high-res copy of the image. It's yours so do with it what you will, just mention that I drew it.
Here's the link to my commission guide~
Please send me a note here or comment on this to start the commission process!


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2013-01-12 17:23:48

Good job making that thread about the upload problem - 2 art mods are already bugging the staff about it now, so check back to your thread sometime tomorrow, and maybe they'll have licked the problem :3

Zoeseph responds:

I do keep an eye on it in hopes, and I keep trying to upload my stuff, but it's not happenin'.